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Photos by Andrea Kinsley and Kate Weiman

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On The Isle Timeline


The 'Sconset Casino presents the musical revue
ON THE ISLE, produced by Sandy Whitehead and directed by Carl Schmehl, to celebrate its 100th Anniversary.



Mary Warren Moffett and Linda Mackay invite director Carl Schmehl back to Nantucket to create an original musical extravaganza, BIG NIGHT. 



Former cast members come together for a sing-a-long at Wade Cottages and discuss future plans for an ongoing non-profit organization.



A two-week Children's Workshop is offered for local children and they create and perform the multi-media play GOODZILLA, directed by Carl Schmehl.



On the Isle “OTI” is created and becomes an official 501 (c) 3 and presents THE MUSIC MAN which is performed  in the streets of ‘Sconset.



Newly formed OTI celebrates with an OPENING NIGHT CABARET, starring Michael West, with the Children's Theatre Master Class and Art Gallery.



The original Gary Trainor, Carl Schmehl, Weedie Block & Suzanne DeHeart musical UP IN THE RAFTERS tells the story of the the creation of the 'Sconset Actor's Colony at the turn of the century. 



‘Sconset Days is created and includes a musical string trio performance at the Chapel, a historical treasure hunt for children, a ghost story event at Wade Cottages and a 40th anniversary screening of  THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING with live performance vignettes at the Casino.



‘Sconset Days headlines the original musical THE AMERICAN DREAM. Events  also include Three Labyrinths, Hug The Lighthouse, Movie & Masquerade and Maggie Conroy’s MISS MITCHELL’S DISCOVERY.



Main Stage presentations include: THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE, a children’s production of THE MYSTERY OF THE LIGHTHOUSE, and A Cabaret Evening and All Star Comedy Gala. 



THE HOLIDAYS! were celebrated in July with a community Thanksgiving dinner at the Casino, a Christmas concert in the Chapel, a Dancing in the Streets Festival of Lights on New Street and a New Year Extravaganza featuring Roberta Damuro’s one woman show.



Main Stage productions of the musical NUNSENSE and the one act play THE ACTORS' NIGHTMARE.



Celebrating the Nantucket Historical Association's publishing of “The 'Sconset Actor's Colony: Broadway - Nantucket” with a lawn party, Concert in the Chapel and the filming of "Mary and the Silent Movie,"with original screenplay by Carl Schmehl.



World Premiere screening of “Mary and the Silent Movie" at the Casino with a spectacular red carpet live musical floor show and six “Vanity Fair” parties.



The A.R. Gurney play THE DINING ROOM was performed in the round followed by a

musical presentation of SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE.



A re-imagined musical version of the classic “CINDERELLA” by Carl Schmehl and Donna Cribari that traveled through the streets of ‘Sconset. On the Isle collaborated with the Nantucket Community Music Center for this production.



The Horton Foote play THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL was presented with 12 Grand Dames of On the Isle playing the lead role of Carrie Watts. A series of Free Master Classes in Acting were offered throughout the summer.


The launch of OTI's LEGACY COMPANY paired young actors with seasoned professionals in PIPPIN. The Main Stage production was an original work entitled, THE 'SCONSET EXPERIMENT with over sixty cast members. The filming of OTI's first YouTube musical video featuring over 100 members of the 'Sconset community dancing and performing to BRAZIL.


It was the summer of love! Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the musical HAIR, OTI presented a multigenerational cast in this tribal rock musical.


Thirty women graced the stage in the sold-out production (of the Clare Boothe Luce play) 



OTI's Twentieth Anniversary Celebration: Honoring our past, present and future with a two performances, Dessert reception and Dancing to a 20 piece Big Band.  

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